The Somewhere in Japan Journal, Volume 1


Coming soon: the Somewhere in Japan Journal

Just because you want to read something, doesn’t mean you want to read it on the web. 

In an effort to reach a larger audience, and to give my existing audience more reading options, I’ve decided to compile the twice-weekly photos and posts of this blog into a journal three times a year. 

Volume 1 of the journal will come out in May, and will contain the first 35 posts, spanning January through April of this year. 

It will be available in electronic formats (epub, mobi, and PDF) and in a couple of physical formats, the specifics of which I’ll decide on after some experimentation.

Pre-Order Volume 1 and Get Some Extras

So here’s the deal. When the journal is finished, I’ll have it available for sale for about ¥500. However, the pre-order price is just ¥300 (about USD $2.78). Buy that and you’ll receive: 

  • The digital version of the journal (several formats)
  • A code to buy any subsequent physical version purely at cost (printing and shipping only)
  • A code giving you 30% off all of the open-edition prints in my online print shop
  • And the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped cover my hosting costs for the month

Interested? Click the button below and pre-order the journal!