Somewhere in Japan

The Podcast

In a similar vein as the first year of posts on this site, which focused on the Dispatches series of posts as a self-assigned exercise in getting back on track with my writing and refining those skills, the podcast version of those posts begins as an exercise in learning audio production. I am starting from a very low level of knowledge and skill, which means there is great opportunity to learn, but also means early efforts will be far from perfect. Which is OK.

Please bear with me as I learn the skills and develop a style.

This page will be updated with relevant information as it becomes available. 

Last updated 2022-01-21

A test version of Dispatch № 57: Glitch

Active patrons get early access to all new podcast episodes, with public access following. 

Also coming to podcast streaming services as soon as I build up eight or ten episodes to launch the stream with.