Rows of apartment buildings in western Saitama City, Japan

Dispatch № 60: Skyglow

Many years later, I laid down and gazed up from the floor of the Gobi Desert, a place with a sky so dark that the Milky Way practically slaps you in the face. There’s no missing it.

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Cherry blossoms at Ioji Temple

Dispatch № 58: Meandering

If you find yourself at an intersection with a choice between roads that seem equal, choose your bath based on something specifically arbitrary. Choose the street with the sauntering cat, for example, or the one with the yellow house.

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An abandoned house being consumed by plants in Higashi Iwatsuki, Saitama City

Dispatch № 52: Abandoned

They are often easy to identify, especially those drowning in vegetation. This is particularly true of those engulfed in the same infamous kudzu that is so reviled in the American South. Whole properties disappear under draped green carpets.

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