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Dark clouds over a road in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. Photo by David R Munson

What This Is

This is a personal, experimental project in short-form writing combined with photography. I wish to improve my writing, and for that to happen, I have to practice. And to keep up with the practice and ensure I give it enough of an effort, it makes the most sense to practice in public. Having an audience keeps me accountable and provides me with feedback.

There is a lot I want to write about in the future, but I want to do it better than I currently feel I can. I want to write it exceptionally well.  So that’s why we’re here. I cannot promise that any one post will be excellent, only that I am sincerely working in that direction. 

What Else

Everything in life is interesting if one gives it an honest chance to be. I believe that the ordinary details of the world have volumes to tell us, if only we slow down, listen, and allow them to speak in their own voices. 

Everything is interrelated, and if you follow the subtle connections, you’ll be amazed at what you find. 

In everyday life, I meander through the world, exploring with camera and pen in hand. I am always searching for small streets and new paths from A to B. I am always trying to find the connections between things. I never tire of hunting for something new.  

Somewhere in Japan is an experiment in expressing that perpetual act of exploration. 

How This Works

This is an experimental writing project I am executing over the course of 2021 (and possibly beyond if things go well). Every week, on Tuesday and Friday, a new post will appear on this site. 

Each post is comprised of two elements: a photograph and a short essay. The photographs are monochrome and shot in Japan. The short essays are mostly 250-300 words (usually staying within the 2,200 character limit of Instagram, where you can also follow this project). The essays and the images are typically directly related, the images are always made in Japan, and all the writing is somehow connected to Japan. 

The idea is to iterate exploring interrelated themes while writing within a set of fairly strict constraints. The length of the text may grow over time if I feel it is truly necessary, but for the foreseeable future will stick to this format. Iterating within creative confines often yields very interesting results, and I want to see where this leads over the course of the year.

2021 contains 105 Tuesdays and Fridays in total, starting with Friday 01-01 and ending with Friday 12-31. On each of these days, the new post will auto-publish at noon (JST). 

For a more detailed exploration of underpinnings of what I’m doing here, including the philosophical motivations and integrated concepts like the adjacent possible, please read the manifesto (link coming soon).ie

Progress Towards 105 Posts in 2021, Year to Date
50 posts to date 47.6%

Somewhere in Japan is a personal project of David R Munson

Last updated 2021-06-22

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