Somewhere in Japan

Dispatch № 97: So Much Shouting

Meanwhile, in the library on the eighth floor of the mall, a place that is usually a quiet and happy refuge, I could still hear him bellowing down below.

Dispatch № 95: The Distance

It wasn’t about the cat vomiting behind the couch or the flat tire on the way to work, either. It wasn’t about the spilled water, the broken flowerpot, or the burned toast.

Dispatch № 94: The Light

When you realize that a dream, one that once compelled you into focused action, has all but totally withered away over many years of difficulty, you have a decision to make.

Dispatch № 91: Stars and Waters

We’ve been looking up with interest since long before we were human, and when we look up at the night sky now, it may stir within us something ancient and deep…

Dispatch № 90: Sharp Enough

Attention to detail counts for a lot, as does consistency, and both become supercharged by regular and deliberate practice.

Dispatch № 89: Not Giving Up

If it weren’t for the fact that I like the people I work with and I like the kids I teach, I’d have run for the hills a while ago.

Dispatch № 88: Oh, an Earthquake

I had no fear during that earthquake, and frankly never have in any that I’ve experienced. Which some people have told me is strange.