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The people listed on this page have stepped up to support this project with a one-off or recurring donation. That makes them awesome. 

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Option 1: Share With Others

Are you active on social media? Do you like to tell people you know about things you’re enjoying? Then please share links to posts and pages here on Somewhere in Japan. It’s simple, easy, free, and really helps to increase the visibility of this site, as well as improve search engine rankings. 

Every share is a signal boost that helps me reach a larger audience. 

Option 2: Make a One-Time or Recurring Contribution

Currently, there are two ways you can give financial support to Somewhere in Japan. One, through Patreon, where I’m working on building a community around this project. Here, for just $3 per month, you can become a patron and help make things happen. Alternatively, you can make a contribution using Donorbox, linked below. The money gets to me, either way, the biggest difference being that with Patreon, you get access to bonus material and a few other benefits. 

Option 3: Click on the Pencils, Then Shop on Amazon (USA and Japan)

There’s a good chance that you do at least some amount of shopping on Amazon. If you’re in either the USA or Japan, you can use your everyday shopping to help me out here by clicking on one of the affiliate links below. You don’t need to buy the pencils themselves, just start your shopping journey by clicking on the appropriate link, and then I’ll get a small commission on whatever you buy.

Option 4: Buy Some Artwork

I sell prints online, and every sale does a lot to help my bottom line. Buy something for your home, your office, or as a gift for someone you care about. 

And because I think you’re awesome, use code “get30” to get 30% off your order

Option 5: Use an Affiliate Link for Products and Services I Believe in

The following products and services are things that I own or use, either presently or formerly, that I sincerely believe in. The links below are affiliate links, which means that if you end up buying something, I get some form of compensation from the company. This costs you nothing extra but helps keep the lights on here.  See if there’s anything you need that corresponds to the choices below!

  • Web Hosting for WordPress at Kinsta

    Kinsta has excellent hosting in technical terms, and they host several of my sites. However, what makes me the loyal customer that I am is the quality of their customer service. They take care of their customers with incredible speed and effectiveness, all while being courteous and kind. The best customer service I’ve ever received from a hosting company, no question. Check them out!

  • Stay Safe Online with VyprVPN

    A reliable VPN is an important tool that everyone should have these days. It’s a tool that helps ensure security and privacy while doing things online. Protect your information, prevent monitoring, and get around annoying geo-blocking. I’ve been using VyprVPN for years and can’t say enough good things about them. They have servers all over the world and your connection will remain FAST. I am a loyal paying customer and have been for a long time.

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    Everyone makes mistakes with punctuation, grammar, and so-on. However, you can reduce these sorts of things to a minimum, as well as improve the style and effectiveness of your writing with the help of a good checking software. ProWritingAid is what I use and recommend. I’ve tried multiple options on the market, and this is the winner for me. Every post on this site has been run through ProWritingAid, and it has helped me a great deal.